Crepini is a family business and an American success story.
Back in 2007 immigrant entrepreneurs Paula Rimer and Eric Shkolnik made a judgement call that the American Consumer was ready to be introduced to the Crepe as an everyday meal and snack, just as their families have enjoyed for generations back in Europe.

The duo was already living the American Dream since 1988 - right after college they took a chance and left Corporate America to launch a tech company which grew to be a leader in IT consulting to Fortune 500 companies.

Their dream of brining a crepe into every American household was taking shape nicely as they exhibited at trade shows and met with buyers from every part of the country - the Crepini Crepe was in demand and was receiving accolades and praises as well as prestigious awards.

Paula and Eric set out to build a factory and by late 2011 they achieved their dream and secured a large contract with NYC Public Schools while also building their retail and food service business.

As things got rolling they quickly realized that as manufacturers of their own branded products - their clients demanded that the products be produced by GFSI standards - no small feat for a new brand and a small manufacturer. Fortunately the company was ready for nationwide sales to global retailers and major food service accounts by the end of 2014 with their successful ISO22000- FSSC22000 certification.

Luckily - the business truly became a family operation as their sons, Sam and Ari joined the business. The products appealed to millennials who are demanding delicious, unique and healthy alternatives to breads and wraps - ready to eat - meals, snacks and desserts.

Crepini is America's Crepe - all natural, delicious, and ready to eat in seconds. Our signature product The Naked Crepe is a fusion of the classic French crepe and Russian blini, which means the perfect staple for any meal or snack in your home. Trust us, your taste buds will thank you.

From our family to yours, wishing you Love and Peace and Great Food Always!
Paula, Eric, Sam and Ari